Our ninth studio album is called „Andzjel“, record will be released 11. 11. 2022 by Magick Disk Musick and willl be available in three formats. Album cover was painted by talented Luděk Řezáč, design was done by Kverd. Preorder will be started soon via band eshop and bandcamp profile.

For CD collectors will be prepared Super jewel case edition with twelve page booklet, for vinyl maniacs will be prepared 250 pcs limited black vinyl edition. Last but not least album will be available also in MP3 and high-res audio FLAC formats via our bandcamp profile. „Andzjel“ will be also available on most of the popular streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple music, YouTube music etc..


  1. Nevěřím těm očím (I don't trust those eyes)
  2. V hodině vlka (In the hour of the wolf)
  3. Musím ti tolik říct (I have so much to tell you)
  4. Září (September)
  5. Sviť, měsíčku, jasno (Shine, moon, clear)
  6. Běsů se nezbavíš (You won't get rid of rages)
  7. Patřím sem (I belong here)

Release date, label

11. 11. 2022, Magick Disk Musick

Available formáts

  • Super jewel case CD
  • 250 pcs limited edition, black LP
  • Digital (MP3, FLAC, streaming)